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Assess current state of DEI implementation and identify high leverage strategies for client’s success in implementation of DEI as an integral aspect of company climate and culture.

Work with clients to determine their long term vision of success for DEI implementation and assist in creation of an action plan to realize that vision.

Provide training tailored to client’s leadership and staff to support growth throughout their organizational DEI journey.

Share best practices in organizational DEI planning and implementation in a gradual release model, empowering the client to sustainably champion the work beyond their collaboration with Sagebird.

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Support client research and communication efforts in building a clear and consistent narrative in advocacy of public policy changes impacting P-20 education.

Assess the change impact of potential public policy shifts on public, private, P-12, and post-secondary educational institutions and build an action plan for implementation that meets client needs.

Provide clear next steps for policy and systems change supporting equity initiatives in P- 12 and post-secondary institutions.

Identify areas of anticipated challenge and resistance in public policy shifts and build a detailed strategy to respond to both.

Provide specific supports for Kentucky Charter School Authorizers through policy and procedure development, authorizing systems design and implementation, application review, charter school audits, and accountability monitoring.



Conduct organizational needs assessment to identify areas for organizational improvement that connect with organizational growth goals.

Assist clients with an internal review of organizational policies, procedures, and practices to better connect with organizational vision and progress towards goals.

Work with clients to identify internal organizational barriers that inhibit growth and progress towards goals and organizational vision.

Provide clients with a menu of organizational reforms based on identified challenges and barriers with a clear implementation plan to reach full realization of reform goals.

Coach clients through implementation processes and identify and monitor implementation progress and indicators of success

Work with clients to define or refine organizational vision and establish a thoughtful approach to relaying that information to stakeholders.

Collaborate with clients to identify the best ways to measure organizational impact and ensure strong alignment to the organization’s vision.

Position clients to be intellectually and programmatically agile, crafting systems to learn from results and then use that information to provide future direction.

Create actionable plans to support implementation of the organizational vision.

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Identify with clients a strong approach to evaluation so that a manageable and actionable set of metrics are used to guide decision making and understand progress and challenges.

Implement continuous improvement cycles.

Work with clients to ensure rigorous monitoring and evaluation is integrated into the design of organization initiatives.

Ensure cohesive, consistent, high quality data collection and analysis for measuring impact.

Collect and report data on appropriate quantitative and qualitative indicators in line with established organizational goals.

Manage data dashboards that will be used by clients to track progress toward organizational goals.

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